The Sun is Shining

Posted By on September 17, 2010 in Originals | 0 comments

Today I was inspired by the sun, our purest source of light, warmth, and energy.  It dawned on me that on some days it awakes radiating the brightest aura ever, touching a plethora of beings who witness its magnificent glow and glory.  Sadly, taken in by this very splendor, it reminded me of how easy it is to forget that the sun too bares its own variety of dark scars on its glowing skin.  On other days, however, it seems that this fiery giant struggles to rise, resisting the urge to remove the blanket of clouds that cover its blemishes, wishing only to be left alone in its shadow, and failing to realize that just its mere existence that day will continue to be the source of creating, supporting, and inspiring worlds it too so carelessly forgot about.

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