The greatest danger occurs at the moment of victory. – Napoleon Bonaparte

March 5, 2005

A Chaotic Dream

It is a semi-bright, blue day with clouds in the sky
Seeming like a 70’s rerun – people sprawled on the grass and looking high
The clouds are still at first, but then start to part
A few seconds of confusion arises, before the feeling hits your heart
Scared, confused, excited and sober
Waiting and wondering when it will all be over
Friends, family and lovers are dispersed like pollen in the air
Trying to group each other up, yet causing more fear

Single men attempt to be brave
Causing their decline is the curiousness that they crave
Homo erects pet, nature, is becoming untame
People look to each other for sources to blame
The shingles are ripping off the roof, yet the house is still strong
A man just stands there, noting that something must be wrong

There is a tent on the beach too close to the sea
Out comes a boy trying to be strong, but looks like a flea
Tossed and turned without control
He  feels like a prisoner who just got out on parole
The boy walks toward the disaster with a goal in hand
Only to be faced with bitter slaps from the sand

Yet, still driven by motivation of saving another
He continues down the path, away from the other
Caught in a curl and pushed in the ocean
All he can think about is one man who brings out emotion
Should of tried harder to save and to survive
Disappointment is the only thing that is left, for the boy will not revive

Just like the sun sees for the Cyclops-like sky,
Every mind has an eye…

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